I had a friend who told me I needed to find my passion.  When I started to hike, I realized I had found it.  Exploring places most people have never been before is exciting to me and it is a pleasure to share what I find with others.  Sometimes trails and places are not so exciting but real hikers say a bad day on the trail is better than a good day somewhere else.  Hiking is like sightseeing in the woods to me.  There are always new flowers to look at, views that take your breath away, trees and light and a myriad of other things to take in and enjoy.  I refuse to call it exercise as that would take all the enjoyment out of it.  I’d rather walk 10 miles in the woods than get on a treadmill for an hour.  The woods are a place of escape, a place where the phone doesn’t ring and the computer isn’t there to pick up.  It’s a place you can be free of your everyday life for a little while and just be part of something bigger.  There is a meditative quality to being in the woods with the sound of the birds and bugs and the conversation of other hikers always in the background.  So my mantra is “let’s explore.” You’re virtually invited to come along.

You are also cordially invited to visit my online photography gallery at http://www.PhikeArts.com to view my most recent photos. Check out the external links page at PhikeArts for links to hiking web sites in North and South Carolina.  I’d appreciate your suggestions if you know of a site that is not listed there.




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