Appreciating the Essence of All Living Things


As a hiker, I come into contact with nature often. We are blessed with beautiful mountain views in greens and purples, predatory hawks flying overhead, centipedes underfoot, and the wild turkeys, coyotes, deer, and other animals whose tracks and signs can be observed from the trail. Those who do not get out into the woods often do not see the life around them. Yet the world is teeming with life on a larger and smaller scale. In the city, I can sit on a bench and appreciate ants (whose lives are important to them) scurrying around picking up loose food particles. I can see swallowtail butterflies living their short lives flying free in the sunshine. I can see people busily going about their daily lives chatting, laughing, or completely oblivious to anything but their own thoughts. And I can observe the nature of trees whose essence of life we all share. We are not separate and apart from other life forms rather we are interconnected in a web of life that completely surrounds us.

Take a short walk and observe the sun, the water, and air that nurture life. Observe the birds flying overhead or chattering in the trees. Feel the cool breeze and the warm sunshine, and appreciate your place in something far more complex and yet readily available for you to enjoy.

Learn to appreciate the essence and impermanence of all living things.



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