Tomorrow is 9/11 and I’m remembering…

We all have stories associated with 9/11. We remember where we were on that day, what we did, who we talked to and sometimes we remember our own personal traumatic event going on while something much more horrific was happening to people in our country, Americans and non-Americans alike.  It’s been fourteen years now.

I happened to be having a visit with a friend today. She reminds me of my grandmother who I thought the world of.  I’m not sure if she realized I was really giving her a compliment but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this talk reminded me what I learned and felt from my grandmother (actually my mother’s stepmother). She taught me that it’s not the material things we give other people that are important, but it’s the time we take to listen to them and to love them. It’s taking your kid to get some pizza or creating a Saturday tradition of going for Chinese food. It’s throwing a little ball outside after supper, helping them with homework, or just giving them a big hug. It’s taking a little time to listen to your spouse or significant other when they’ve had a bad day and you are busy. Sometimes the people we love are not the people we expected to love or the people we chose to love but people that come into our lives through other people.  But we can find the time to love them all the same.

So on the eve of a day that brought so much horror, it’s good to remember that loving one another is the greatest commandment. 9/11 is a day we will never forget, some for both public and personal reasons, both intertwined and separate at the same time.  It’s a day to remember the people we loved and lost, to honor their memory, and to hug the people that remain.


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