Kale and Red Lentil Veggie Soup

So I know we are supposed to be hiking but I created a new recipe and wanted to save it.  I finally figured out something to do with Kale. This is really easy and would be something quick to make to eat after you get back after a long winter hike. Woohoo!!

Kale and Red Lentil Veggie Soup

2-32 oz. containers of vegetable broth – fat free

1 can crushed or diced tomatoes – whole can

1 can crowder peas, drained

1 tsb. crushed garlic

1 cup red lentils

Raw kale – as much as you want (I added frozen I had already cooked but either way is fine), I’m guessing 3 cups uncooked. Whatever will fit in the pot.

A couple carrots – fresh or cooked, diced small

small onion, diced

1 pkg. frozen stir fry vegetables without oil (Trader Joes)

Salt to taste

Add the following ingredients to your rice cooker and set it on white rice. Stir several times. Check for doneness.  I’m sure you can probably cook this on the stove also. The rice cooker is just a lot easier. I have the smaller rice cooker so it will only hold 2 containers of vegetable broth.  You may want 3 but for that you should probably opt to cook on the stove. I’d say the cook time in the rice cooker is about 2 hours. Stove time is probably about an hour. You just want everything to be soft but not mushy.

Makes at least 6 or more servings. Excellent!

As a side note, you can try other herbs and spices. This is just the basic recipe.  Feel free to experiment and add other vegetables.

After a few days, if the soup you have left starts to get mushy, puree it and add cumin, curry, and ginger to spice it up. I did not measure them so start small on adding the spices. I froze some of the puree for later use but saved some out.  I added fresh spinach and sliced mushrooms and let the soup cook until they were soft. Serve.
Another idea for the puree:  In addition to the cumin, curry, and ginger, I added cayenne pepper (to taste) and a bit more salt. I added a very small can of V-8, low salt, to the puree as it was a bit strong for me. Add brown rice or a rice like product to it (maybe a cup or so; I just added what I had in the refrigerator. It was a rice mix I had purchased at the Asian market), cook and cut up one or two sweet potatoes (5 minutes in the microwave), and heat.  Serve.  This was really good!

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