Hiking Best Practices

1.  Be sure and bring a map when hiking. Don’t just rely on a GPS.

2.  Dress in layers when you hike and avoid cotton as it doesn’t breathe.

3.  Carry a first aid kit with you when you hike.

4.  Bring plenty of water with youDSCN1233 when you hike or be prepared to purify.

5. Wear appropriate hiking shoes or boots. If you think flip flops are appropriate, we need to talk.

6.  Don’t kill the snakes. Avoid them. You aren’t food so they aren’t interested in you.

7.  Watch where you sit or put your hands when hiking. You don’t want any nasty surprises!

8.  Always carry extra food on a day hike. You never know when you are going to get held over.

9.  Hike your hike. Not the guy’s in front of you.

10.  Add some duct tape to your hiking pole.  It’s great to fix lots of things in a pinch!

11. Don’t overestimate your hiking abilities. Know your limits and start slow and easy.

12. Stay off waterfalls and the streams above them. No exceptions! None of them are safe.

13. Carry the phone number of the closest ranger station in case of emergency.

14. Don’t panic if you get lost. Most lost hikers are typically found within 3 days.

15. Learn some survival skills just in case.

16. Take a first aid class. Hopefully you’ll never need it when you hike but better to be prepared.

17. Trust your instincts if a stranger on the trail is making you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let politeness get in the way of your own safety!

18. Always carry a pocket knife and at least one kerchief when hiking.

19. Keep an eye on the trail and watch your footing when you hike. Falls kill!

20. Stop at all turns and make sure you have everybody before you move on.

21. At every turn, check where you are on the map (even if you think you know).

22. TBD


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