Paynes Creek Trail, Hartwell, Georgia

Yesterday we hiked with Upstate Hiking at Paynes Creek Trail in Georgia.  This is a biking/hiking trail that follows Lake Hartwell for much of its length.  The trail was engineered mainly for biking but is a great trail for hiking as well. 20150228_124408 Mileage for this hike was about 7 miles with what we think may be an additional 2 or 3 miles on a trail called Heartbreak Ridge. We did not do the extra miles as we had only planned to do 7 but know it’s an option for another day.

We saw a few bike riders yesterday, one runner, and several locals who were clearing off a large tree that had fallen across the trail but other than that the trail was not heavily used when we were there.20150228_113409

The trail itself weaves through the woods with what I would describe as moderate amounts of elevation gain.  I would call it a moderate hike overall, not very technical. I did note that some of the biking descriptions called it a “good ride” and “fun.”

There were several small beaches off the trail to stop and enjoy the views of the water and to have lunch.  This is probably not a great place to hike in the summer as it can get warm here. 20150228_120802

In addition to hiking, there is a boat ramp and a great parking lot with lots of parking. The site is managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers and has a campground which was closed when we were there.

If you are coming from South Carolina, it’s not too far from the state line off I-85.20150228_104421


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