It’s Good to Have a Dream

I know I’m supposed to be talking about hiking but sometimes it is good to talk about something else.

As we get older, we start to experience death in the generation before us.  We even start to experience it in our generation.  Hopefully this makes us thoughtful.  Specifically in my case it makes me think about how short life really is and how much of it we spend being afraid.  We all have fears but I have come to realize that we need to push past those fears because we really have nothing to lose when the end result is the same for all of us.  If we let fear hold us back from accomplishment, then we have failed to live fully the one life that is given to us.

20150221_113557I’ve also learned too that it is good to have a dream, of something we want to be or something we want to accomplish. Whether or not we actually attain our dream is something else but if we strive for it, we will be a lot closer to it than if we never started.

I can’t tell you how to live but I can tell you not to wait to start examining your life and your fears and find the courage to face them and take the next step. Live your life fully and happily unencumbered by the regret of not having tried to go after what you want.

And if you fail, so what?  Pick yourself up and find yourself a new dream and keep moving forward. You only have one life! This is it.


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