Timms Mill, Pendleton, SC

Mr. T and I decided to take a ride in the country last Saturday. It was supposed to be a not so nice day but it turned out to be very sunny and beautiful here in South Carolina. I love to combine history and hiking when I can and am always looking for places that might be interesting.  A Google search turned up a place called Timms Mill which is a restored working gristmill out in Pendleton, SC so we got in the car and headed out.


The mill itself is located on Timms Creek which when we arrived was actually a pretty decent size creek with a steady flow of water.  I understand that in the summer it can get pretty dry but in January it was flowing very well.

The water to power the mill is actually pumped under the road and down a wooden sluice where it hits a bright green water wheel to power the grinding and sorting machines inside.DSC04601 Dave (the owner) was very friendly and invited us in. Dave very patiently explained how the machines work and let us wander around. DSC04596They only grind corn on Saturday and sell grits and corn meal to small, local stores that carry food products.  There are still a few locals that bring their corn to the mill to grind.  As you can imagine, there was a lot of dust from the corn grinding so I mostly kept my camera covered while I was inside.

Bill, a friend of Dave’s, who also helped with the mill restoration, shared stories about the mill with us making this a very nice experience.DSC04594DSC04592

They tell me that the first Saturday in December they have an open house where they have a bluegrass band and sell cider and corn products. DSC04600Lots of people come for the music and to buy grits to put in their Christmas gifts!

We sure will plan to try and stop by in December and maybe sooner if we can get a hike together over in that area.

We topped the day off with a stop at the Pendleton bakery and small cafe next door.  The food was great. There is also an artist co-op right next door with some very nice art work. A great place to take a ride in the country!


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