Milliken Arboretum, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Mr. T and I visited the Milliken Arboretum last Sunday and had a nice walk around.  Took some photos which I’m sharing below. DSC04465_tonemappedDSC04478_tonemapped

Here’s a link to their web site.

I think it would be very pretty to visit here in the spring and summer. Hope to get back there soon to take some more photos. DSC04458_tonemapped

They have several small ponds on the property and lots of open fields.DSC04494_tonemapped

Their web site says they have 15 decorative fountains. So I missed more than a few!!  DSC04483_tonemappedDSC04464_tonemapped

They also have an app you can download for a self-guided tour. I think I’m going to have to download that the next time we go to find all the fountains! Check out what I think is a Blue Heron in the photo below.


Obviously the water features attract the birds.

You can click on the photos to open them to get a better look.

I spotted several sculptures. The photo on the left was taken at their Customer Center. The sculpture on the right is called “Synergy.”DSC04503_tonemappedDSC04481_tonemappedDSC04501

They also have an exercise course. DSC04490_tonemappedI’m not sure if it’s just for their employees but it follows a dirt road on the north part of their property. It isn’t shown on the map. See link below.DSC04485_tonemapped We didn’t walk the whole thing as it was a little cold out but it would add some mileage if you wanted to get a little workout.

Map link:

I believe the stone circle in the photo on the right is part of the memorial to Roger Milliken.  Read about him at the link below. Well worth the read.

DSC04460  DSC04459_tonemapped

Free and open to the public.


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