Exploring Todd’s Creek Trails Over by Clemson, SC

It’s been awhile since I’ve been hiking due a personal issue so I was very excited to be able to get out with Mr. T last Sunday!  We posted this hike as a meetup but since it was Thanksgiving weekend, and last minute, only he and I went which turned out to be a good thing. This left me open to suggesting an exploratory hike which a lot of people would have been annoyed with otherwise. DSC04329

The map we used was a SORBA map specifically for biking and it had its issues but it was sufficient to help keep us from getting lost.   We started at the first entrance on Waldrop Stone Road and took the old forest road down towards Waldrop Stone Falls after a bit of a detour.  DSC04305Due to the intense logging (assuming this is for experimental purposes as this is an experimental forest), the trailhead we were looking for was not to be found.DSC04310  We turned back and headed down the short trail to Waldrop Stone Falls and stayed long enough to take a few pictures. DSC04311 DSC04322Mr. T and I headed back on the main trail to Waldrop Stone Road  and then walked up the road towards the third entrance off this road.

For me to describe our route, would be pretty much impossible.  I can tell you we found the dam for the old grist mill that used to be on Todd’s Creek.

DSC04325We made it to Todd’s Creek Falls which is actually on the power line access.DSC04330 DSC04334It has a nice pool of water in the front and an internet search indicates that it is well used by the locals as it is not far from a road if you come down the power line. And we explored a number of side trails which we will probably never go down again as they weren’t helpful.

At one point, we did get to Lake Hartwell and ended up walking on the edge for a bit. We bushwacked through the woods until we made it back to the power line so we knew approximately where we were.

I wish the trails were marked but that is probably asking for a lot right now.   I found the trails to be decent; some were a bit muddy but that is not unusual. The only area we saw anyone in was near Waldrop Stone Falls. No one else for the balance of the hike.

DSC04323 The trails were heavily covered with leaves and it is obvious there is not a lot of foot traffic.

We did start down one trail towards the end of our hike heading back down to Waldrop Stone Falls again and took what looked like it might have been an old trail downhill. DSC04354 I’d like to go back and explore the remainder of the trail we left as it appears on the map that it goes down to Lake Hartwell and onto a little spit of land that looked interesting on the map.

I did have one thought and that is that some of this area could get pretty overgrown as you get towards the summer months. Probably best left for winter and early spring.

Here’s a link to the SORBA web site (look for the Issaqueena map link) in case you are interested in taking a shot at it!



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