Treefrog Trail, Conestee Nature Preserve, South Carolina

Trailhead parking:  Very good.

Difficulty:  Moderate

Length: About 3 miles (more or less) if you start at the Churchill Circle parking lot.  A lollipop style hike.  Hiking in on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, take either the first or second turn onto Treefrog Trail and follow it until it meets back up with the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Return to the Trailhead.

Facilities:  Picnic Tables, benches

Description:  River trail with some minor elevation gain. Some stretches of boardwalk in the swampy parts. Lightly traveled.

See Map I.

DSC04204 DSC04206 DSC04209 DSC04212 DSC04216 DSC04222


About Caroline Trinkley

I once had a friend who asked me what my passion was. I didn't have one. He said that I needed to find it. I can honestly say I've found my passion - I love to hike and explore the woods. Sometimes I think I know the woods better than the town I live in.
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