#Hiking Chinquapin Mountain, Glen Falls, Scaly Mountain (Highlands, NC)

Total Distance: About 10.8 miles combined distance

Difficulty: Strenuous due to mileage and elevation gain

Location: Near Highlands, North Carolina

Comments:  We started on the Glen Falls Trail, hiked up to Chinquapin Mountain for lunch, and then drove over to Osage Overlook to hike to Scaly Mountain.

Glen Falls (actually a series of 3 falls) and Chinquapin Mountain can be reached from the same trailhead. Once you see the third fall on the Glen Falls Trail, I would suggest turning around and going back to the trailhead. This trail was somewhat technical with lots of roots. Walk carefully. Chinquapin Mountain has a number of views. We did not make it to the one farthest away but thought the first view you come up to is probably the best.

The drive between trailheads is maybe less than five miles. The trip to Scaly Mountain starts across the road from the Osage Overlook and goes uphill on the Bartram Trail. Signage was good. There are two views a little distance apart at Scaly Mountain. I thought the first one was the best but I would visit both.

Views at Scaly Mountain were much better than at Chinquapin. If you only have time for one, I would pick Scaly Mountain.

Flowers: Fire Pink, Indian Pipe on the Scaly Mountain Trail (July); blueberries were not ripe yet; also Rhododendron

Parking: Good at both trailheads for multiple vehicles

Directions: http://www.highlandsinfo.com/hiking.htm

Photos: http://www.meetup.com/upstate-hiking-and-outdoor-adventures/photos/23028572/



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