Wells Fargo Red, White & Blue 4th of July Festival

Some members from Upstate Hiking met in downtown Greenville, SC for the 4th of July festivities.  It was raining hard when we got there and we had to stand under an umbrella and a tree for few minutes but decided to push on to the meetup spot.  The group decided to go into Carolina Ale House to have a bite to eat and a beer. Several of our members wandered along and joined us.  After supper, we wandered down by the Reedy.  No music at TD Stage but we had heard they were still playing at the stage by Camperdown.  The water in the Reedy was quite high but apparently did not overflow its banks by too much in downtown.


We continued on across the Liberty Bridge to look at the water as it crossed the falls.  The water was muddy by very impressive in light of the fact that in prior years it has been quite dry.


The group moved on to Camperdown and Main to watch the music.  What struck me as I looked around was the diversity of the crowd: gay and straight, white, black, hispanic, Indian.  Just a mix of peoples and lifestyles meeting all in one place hanging out and listening to music in the sporadic rain in a sea of umbrellas.  It makes you stop and think about what it means to be an American.

Learning to co-exist respectfully with others even though we don’t share exactly the others values is important.  In fact I’d hazard a guess that we share more values collectively than not.  We always seem to highlight how we are different than how we are the same.  One thing I know is that we need to remember to love each other by showing kindness and respect.  Happy 4th.



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