Crowders Mountain State Park, North Carolina

On Saturday we hiked with Upstate Hiking.  We had intended to hike at Seniard Ridge in Pisgah Forest but we decided to hike to avoid the rain and bad weather so we shifted to the east. Image

Crowders Mountain State Park is just on the other side of the North Carolina State line about an hour and fifteen minutes from Greenville, SC.  It is a very popular hike for people from Charlotte and Saturday was no exception.  DSCN4907There were lots of people on the trails and lots of dogs of all sizes and shapes but all were well behaved so no worries there.

We parked at the main ranger station.  Parking is ample there as it appears as if they have recently expanded the parking lot.  The group headed towards The Pinnacle on the Turnback Trail which is a pretty easy trail as trails go.  The woods were quite beautiful and the leaves on the trees were extremely green in their spring growth. I was in the back which allowed me a little leeway to look for things to photograph and some of my fellow hikers were up to doing the same.Image

The tail of the hike met up with the front at the turn to the Pinnacle Trail as they had waited for us to catch up which is proper protocol for a hike.  We started our ascent up to The Pinnacle which has beautiful views on both sides of the little mountain. DSCN4912

The group sat and had a little snack, some of the group wandering around to explore the rocks, views, and plant life at the top.

We then made our way back down the Pinnacle trail as we made our way to the other side of the park towards Crowders Mountain.  The group passed the turn to the Ridgeline Trail which is a 6.2 hike to the smaller ranger station within the park boundaries. DSCN4937We did the loop taking Crowders Trail, Rocktop Trail, and Tower Trail to complete our journey.  This particular loop ranges from moderate to strenuous and can be technical especially with all the rocks on Rocktop Trail.DSCN4957

Tower Trail was a very steep up with lots of stairs.

The top of Crowders Mountain has some nice views all around.  Because of all the rain we have been having, our view at the top was a sea of lovely green. This area is very popular with rock climbers and we saw at least one as we passed on the Tower Trail.DSCN4949

All good hikes must end so we made our way back to the cars for the return trip home and a little Mexican supper on Cinco de Mayo with a few from the group who wanted to stay.DSCN4962




Hike distance:  About 10 miles approximately. Moderate to strenuous.


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