Little Bradley Falls

We hiked last Sunday to Little Bradley Falls in Saluda, NC with Upstate Hiking. I have hiked this hike about 4 times so my main goal here was being social and taking pictures.  The nice part about this hike is that there are lots of great wildflowers on this trail if you are looking.


I do not know the names of all the flowers but I still enjoy looking at them.  There’s supposed to be a good wildflower book for South Carolina by an author named Porcher that comes highly recommended.  I expect it will cover a lot of the same flowers in North Carolina (but not all).


The group made several water crossings which allowed me to take pictures while still keeping up. Many of them took their boots off but I was not inclined to do so and just rocked hopped across with minimal damage to my boots.

We came upon what appears to me to be the old foundations of a house long forgotten as the spring vegetation begins to wrap itself lovingly against its aging rocks. DSCN4462DSCN4423

We made our way to the waterfall where photos opportunities were taken advantage of from all angles.


Our stay at the waterfall was short-lived as we made our way back down the same trail to the cars.  Someone spotted a Jack in the Pulpit on the way back and I stopped to take a quick photo.  DSCN4440

Our organizer had invited us back to her cabin for a potluck where we had our fill of shared food and good company.

After lunch, some of us decided to head down the road to the Pacolet River. The road down the mountain was treacherous (due to the lack of a shoulder) but the river itself  was very beautiful.


Unfortunately there was a lot of garbage sprinkled on its banks and I wished I had gloves and a garbage bag to pick it up.

Under the little bridge spanning the river was a bit of graffiti which reminded us that our minds are our own worst enemy.  A gem of wisdom in a beautiful place.



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