Hilliard Falls (or Bust), Foothills Trail

Yesterday we hiked with Upstate Hiking to Hilliard Falls which is one of my favorite waterfalls.  I can’t tell you why it is.  Sometimes things are just not explainable.  We started at Bad Creek hydroelectric station. They have a great parking lot used for hiking with lots of parking and a couple of porta potties. Always a big plus!


Our first water crossing was the Whitewater River.

Wildflowers were lightly sprinkled along the way as spring seems to be late getting here.


We passed a couple waterslides along the way with seeping water and one small waterfall covered in rhododendron which looked to be about 15 feet high.  Lots of bird singing in the distance as we hiked and chatted our way to Hilliard Falls.

As we got closer to the Thompson River, I started to notice some unmarked trails off to the left as I am looking for the end of the trail that goes to Big Falls which is next week’s hike.  It would be good to know where it comes out here as it helps keep us oriented in case of emergencies.


Leaf study.

The second large river we crossed was the Thompson River.  This was our rest stop both in and out and the sound of the water was quite pleasant.  I hated to leave.


Hilliard Falls is named after the co-founder and first chairman of the Foothills Trail Conference and it is located on Bearcamp Creek and is alternatively known as Bearcamp Falls.  There is a place to camp close by.  It is really two waterfalls the tallest of which has a lovely pool of water.  DSCN4272

Lower falls.

DSCN4274  Upper falls.

As you look towards the bottom of the upper falls,you can see a spray community nestled in some rocks.DSCN4280


After having lunch at the falls, we turned around and made our way back to Bad Creek.  We made decent time going back.  Mileage on this hike is about 5.85 one way according to one of our hikers with a GPS.

Hike rating: Strenuous due to mileage and elevation changes.


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