Nine Times Preserve, Pickens County, SC


We started at the parking lot at E. Preston McDaniel Road and Nine Times. There are at least 10 spaces for parking.  The preserve actually has three separate parking lots.  One is down by the Little Eastatoee Creek and there’s a short little wildflower trail that runs along the creek.  We saw bloodroot and rue anenome in bloom on that trail which we did at the end.  There were lots of trout lillies here but all bloomed out.  We ran into a couple fishermen there but they said nothing was biting.

There are good winter/early spring views on the trails through the trees.  Once the leaves come in, you wont be able to see much.


It was pretty sunny this morning. I liked the way the light was shining on these leaves along the side of the trail.


Fiddlehead ferns. They tell me you can eat them.  I had to sit down to take this picture in the middle of the trail. Two trail runners came by, one who was kind enough to inquire as to whether I had fallen or not.


There are great view of Pickens County to the south off one of the trails.  This is just one.


I’m not sure what these little flowers are. They were blooming in the bog on the bald. If you happen to go there, it’s a good idea to give the bog a wide berth to preserve it.  We met a couple on the trail on the return to the car. We talked flowers and flower trails for awhile. They suggested this was some sort of sedum. I’m not sure about that yet.


As we drove back towards Pickens, we stopped to take a picture of these flowers growing on the side of the road. Pretty.

I really liked Nine Times Preserve and we both agreed that it had far exceeded our expectations.  The trails were very nice, view was great, and it had a decent level of difficulty.  I’d probably rate the trails as difficult due to the immediate up from the car for at least a half a mile.  The trail back from the middle parking lot was an up also.  Mileage was about 4.5 miles (includes the views at the bald).  The trails were very well marked except the trail to the view from the bald.


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