Downtown Hike Series: Entertaining, Educating, and Illuminating Greenville

Last Saturday we did our first run through of Entertaining, Educating, and Illuminating Greenville.  It was a lovely day in Greenville and we had a great group of nine. First stop was Fluor Field and their gift shop which was really nice and had a lot of great merchandise for sale. Image Our second stop was the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum behind Fluor Field.  The curator, Arlene, was very kind and welcoming.  The museum is small but there is a lot to look at.  I wish we had more time.  They are planning a fifth anniversary celebration coming up soon.

As we were coming down the sidewalk towards the museum, we met a man who thought we were coming for the auditions at Fluor Field to sing the national anthem.  The gate was open so we went in and got a good look at the field and did manage to hear one of the people auditioning.  What a treat! No takers in our group though to sing. Image

We found a new group of statutes by the Hughes Main Library.  Children playing with turtles.  ImageAnd Bob found out that the stones in front of the Upcountry History Museum were actually from Main Street.  They had been saved and reinstalled in front of the museum. Image

A beautiful mailbox greeted us in front of one of the local art galleries behind Hughes Main Library.  Stunning. Wow.Image

The hike ended at the Blue Ridge Brewery on Main Street.  We ate out at 2 tables on the sidewalk and enjoyed a nice spring day!


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