Exploring the Jocassee Gorges

I’ve been a little lax the last couple weeks abut posting this hike description. This hike took place several Sundays ago.  It was beautiful day and perfect for a hike. We started in the Eastatoee Valley on a little side road.  Same place we start our hikes to go to Jumping Off Rock.  My goal that day was to find a way to make a loop across the valley to the nice overlook on the other side, run by Jumping Off Rock, and end up where we started.  On this hike, we explored some side trails.  We did manage to get across the valley.  Thank goodness it was not overgrown yet.  Funny thing.  When we climbed out of the valley (and literally we did some climbing), we were about 100 feet shy of the beautiful overlook I was trying to find. Pure luck but still a good result.  We had an intrepid group of 9 people from Upstate Hiking which was deliberate on my part as I knew this hike would not be for everybody and these 8 other people were all good sports and some are even catching the exploratory bug.  Most of the balance of the hike was on old forest roads.  We had a nice lunch at Jumping Off Rock.  We passed a place on the road where I could hear a good bit of water that was calling to me but I frankly was pretty worn out from the climb we had made and the several miles of hiking since then and decided to save that for another day.  I have not given up trying to find an easier way across.  I just feel in my gut there has to be something but I haven’t found it yet.  We are going to save this for another cold day so I don’t have to worry about where I put my hand or what snake I’m stepping on next!!

Anyway it was a great day and we will do one of these again in the future.

DSCN3922 Old forest road.

DSCN3928 View of the valley to the south after we climbed out

DSCN3935 Lunch at Lake Jocassee, Jumping Off Rock

DSCN3939 View down the power line


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