Burrells Ford to Sloan Bridge on the Foothills Trail

DSCN3880It was a bright and sunny day in the woods of Oconee County last Sunday.  We started our hike in the parking lot at Burrells Ford with a group of about 15 people. 15 to 20 people is a good number for a hike as it is easier to keep up with that number and easier to manage those people who are having a little more difficulty with the hike.  Plenty of good parking here and an outhouse thrown in for good measure.  We planned to hike about 7 miles more or less to the Sloan Bridge Parking lot and had to do a shuttle first.

DSCN3896Temps were pretty cold but we warmed up as we hiked.  There were places on the trail where you could see hoar frost and icicles.

There are lots of up at the beginning of the trail from this end and  it feels like a gradual up for quite some time. The trail switchbacks quite a bit.


Still very doable for the average hiker. There were plenty of good winter views through the trees but when the leaves come out there would not be much to see of the mountains.

At one point we crossed the road by the Fish Hatchery.   DSCN3888


The trail continues on and as we got closer to the end of our hike we crossed several small creeks.  We passed by Hikers Peril which is a small waterfall on the Foothills.  It was really much more impressive than I imagined and had lots of water that day.


Continuing on we started to hike next to a very substantial creek with lots of small cascades and slides and finally found ourselves at the end of the trail.  This part of the trail, between the Fish Hatchery road and Sloan Bridge, was actually the most enjoyable and I’m glad we hiked it this way.   I saw several places on this creek that had some social trails and potential for some good photos if you hiked down to the creek. Left for another day.


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