Bingo Hike: Fants Grove, Clemson, SC


We hiked today with Upstate Hiking at Fants Grove.  I call it the Bingo Hike because all the trail markers are named like Bingo numbers (A10, B24 and so on).

The day started off sunny but cold.  It warmed up later in the day to about 45.  We had to keep taking off layers and adding them as we got near the lake and the breeze kicked up. It had snowed in South Carolina the day before and some places had a layer of snow. Roads were icy in the nighttime but we had no problems getting here.

DSCN3802 The leaves on the trees were quite beautiful in the sunlight.  We could hear the bird song in the trees as we walked.  They must think spring is almost here!  This was a hike on rolling hills.  Our small group hiked between 9 and 10 miles which is considered strenuous due to mileage but very little elevation gain.  My map of Fants Grove is one of the older ones and some of the trails are now closed in one section.  I definitely need to find a newer map.  Most of the trails do not continue for more than a mile so there is constant map checking going on.  You always need to be aware of where you are on the trail so the map has to come out every time you hit a turn.  I learned this from a really nice fellow from the Bergs hiking club in Charlotte.  DSCN3800

Glimpses of the lake could be seen through the trees as we weaved around the fingers of the lake.  The water in the lake was up so that is great for people who live and play there.

DSCN3805  We stopped for lunch at one of the beaches where we had a nice view of the mountains visible in the distance.  It makes me want to be at the top of one of them but that’s for another day.  The sun was warm as some of us laid or sat on the fine white sand.  Water birds were seen flying above the water in the distance and every once in awhile you could see them diving into the water to catch a fish.


Time to go and start our hike again after lunch.  We made our way through the woods and crossed the road.  DSCN3810  The terrain is ever changing.   DSCN3815DSCN3813

The photo on the top is a stand of bamboo and the photo below is some type of long needle pine.  Fants Grove is an experimental forest owned by Clemson University with different types of trees planted all over the property.


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