Oconee Passage of the Palmetto Trail, Hidden Falls, and Tamassee Knob


On Sunday we hiked with Upstate Hiking and hit the Oconee Passage of the Palmetto Trail starting at the Station Cove Falls trailhead.  We hiked up what is sometimes called the Oconee Connector because it connects Oconee Station State Park and Oconee State Park.


The trail is a pretty sharp up with lots of switchbacks but begins to gradually let up once you get near Oconee SP.  It was a nice winter day, in the 50s.  Great weather for hiking.


Picture taking is a little less productive in the winter but I did mange to catch a few good photos of tree fungus.



We took the side trail off the Oconee Passage and headed towards Hidden Falls first.  It had a decent water flow that day.

The group sat and ate lunch here and then headed back uphill towards the main trail.  A conversation was had about the viability of going to Tamassee Knob but we decided we’d stick to the plan.  I’m glad we did.


Tamassee Knob trail is an in and out to a nice view at the end where the trail stops.  The trail does actually continue a little way forward but abruptly drops off.  Great winter views on this trail on both sides as it is a ridgeline trail and the terrain is varied enough to be challenging without being extremely difficult.



One view off the ridgeline looking north.

The hike back to Oconee Station and Station Cove Falls was uneventful although it did start to sprinkle slightly as we got to the turn to the falls.  I think most of us were ready to be done for the day but the short trip to the falls lay ahead of us and I knew it was worth a look so we carried on.

DSCN3757The photo to your right is a view of Station Cove Falls taken from the creek.  Early spring flowers and trillium were already starting to bloom on this trail even though it is still February.


I believe the white flowers in the photo above are a form of Hepatica which are in the buttercup family. The plant on the right is a trillium but I’m not sure of the exact species or variety.  Trillium were everywhere on this trail.  It’s going to be spectacular here in another week or two.


We had a nice peaceful walk back to the cars. A nice end to a great day in the woods. Mileage was about 11 or thereabouts.


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