Hospital Rock, Pretty Place, Rainbow Falls, Jones Gap, SC

Today we did a 9 mile loop hike in Jones Gap to the top of Pretty Place and back around to Rainbow Falls.


View of Hospital Rock where Confederate deserters are believed to have hidden out during the Civil War…the trail gets very tough right after this point.


We hiked in the snow at the top of the mountain that fell during the night…


Pretty Place at YMCA Camp Greenville, a popular site for weddings…


Jones Gap seen from the trail above Rainbow Falls…


Icicles hanging from rocks off the trail…


Rock face? The Rainbow Falls Trail from Camp Greenville passes by several rock faces and is windy and steep. There are several ropes to assist hikers down the trail.


One view of Rainbow Falls…it gets a little breezy and cold in this spot. Water also flows under the large rock on the left of this photo and the creek continues down the mountain via slides and small falls.


A view of the bottom of Rainbow Falls…


Our trip down the Rainbow Falls trail was done in the late afternoon light. Hikers’ reflections as seen on the rock facing the trail…


Middle Saluda River as seen from the lower bridge…the light was already starting to change as we made our way back down the Jones Gap Trail towards the Ranger Station…



      1. I was searching for “Trinkley hiking blog” and the link to the travel today site popped up. Your photo was 2nd or third on the page. I did not check the date, just was impressed that you and your photo were there. Take care. See you on trail soon.

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