Lee Falls, Wildcat Falls, Eva Russell Chandler

IDSCN3470  Lee Falls

I hiked with Upstate Hiking today to Wildcat Falls, Lee Falls, and the falls at Eva Russell Chandler Heritage Preserve. It was very spring like today. We started off all bundled up but got down to shirt sleeves as the day wore on. It was sunny and cloudless most of the day.

The trail at Wildcat Falls is about a mile and there are three sections to the falls, lower, middle, and upper falls.  There was lots of water there today.  Upper Falls is supposed to be at least 100 feet high.  This is a fairly new trail as it has been redone into a loop. There weren’t a lot of roots and rocks so it wasn’t a difficult hike. We took the right side of the loop and did it counterclockwise.  The peanut man got there right after we did and started to set up in his usual place.

DSCN3467 View at Eva Russell Chandler

We then went on to Eva Russell Chandler Heritage Preserve off Persimmon Ridge Road and checked out the view.  There’s a stream that run down the rock face and ends at a waterfall. I’m advised it’s about 50 feet tall but I don’t have an exact measurement.  We had started down the little side trail from the gate but it continued onto private property so we turned around and went back to the overlook. We bushwhacked through the woods to the falls. I wouldn’t try this in the summer. Probably too many snakes. Also a lot of plants out there that could be hurt by too much tramping around.  There was evidence of moonshine activity at the bottom of this falls by way of rusted barrels.

DSCN3469  Falls at Eva Russell Chandler

Our last stop was Lee Falls over by Tammassee, SC. We had planned to go on to Station Cove Falls but Lee Falls was plenty for us today. It ended up being about a four mile trip as we passed our turnoff and went off on a tangent but we did get back to the right trail and ended up at the falls.  See picture at the top.  Lots of water here today also.  It’s very rocky and rough here but well worth the hike. There are a number of fairly shallow water crossings and some of us just tramped right through them while others crossed logs, jumped, etc.

A great day with a nice bunch of people!


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