Bracken Mountain – Brevard, North Carolina


We hiked with Upstate Hiking at Bracken Mountain in Brevard, North Carolina today. Here’s a photo of the trailhead.  There is one handicapped parking space and the rest is gravel; there is plenty of parking here.


The ground was pretty wet today after the rain we had yesterday and the trail was slippery in spots.  This is a new trail so it was pretty smooth with few rocks or roots to trip on.  The hike starts to climb immediately uphill but despite this I think it would be very doable for the novice hiker.


Trails were well marked with red, yellow, and blue plastic blazes.  It was really quite warm today, in the 60s, with high humidity. Some of us hiked in short sleeves and shorts.  Unfortunately the sun never really came out and it sprinkled just enough to cause us to get our raincoats out but the rain ended quickly.


We saw some good winter views but there were no open places to get a clear view through the trees.


Brushy Creek and Bracken’s Creek flow through the area and there are several crossings but the bridges are good so there were no wet feet today!

DSCN3415 - Copy

There are also several small waterfalls in the area.


We hiked about 5 miles today but there are about 7 plus miles in this area to hike. It’s proximity to Brevard makes it an ideal place to hike for those in the area.  The group also made a quick stop at Connestee Falls/Batson Creek Falls on 276 between Brevard and Caesars Head.  It’s right off the road and then a short walk to the overlook. We’d love to go to the bottom of it or to the opposite side to see it from another angle!


Two creeks come together and what you are looking at are two waterfalls. The falls in front of us is Batson Creek Falls and we were standing on the platfrom next to Connestee Falls. This picture does not do it justice. Check out the link below for a better photo and description.


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