Asbury Hills Camp and Retreat Center to Moonshine Falls

I hiked yesterday with a group to Moonshine Falls through the Asbury Hills Methodist Camp.  We needed a gate code to enter the camp through their new iron gates.   They require people who want to hike on their property to call first and let them know they are coming.


It was a beautiful, sunny day with good winter views.


We crossed Matthews Creek on a wire and made our way down the Naturaland Trust trail to the turnoff to Moonshine Falls.  The turn is marked by a big pile of rocks and as you make your way down the trail you will see a small kiosk with some information.


The trail continues past the kiosk and is a very easy grade to the turn to the falls where there is another rock cairn where you turn right (seen below).  A much smaller pile of stones marks the steep trail down to the falls.  This turn is not more than 3 minutes walk from the second rock cairn on your left.


Moonshine Falls tumbles down into the creek below. Underneath and behind is a huge overhang with old barrels once used to make real moonshine.


Moonshine Falls is a pleasant, approximately 5 mile round trip from Asbury Hills.


The sun was very bright here so I stood off to the right behind the falls to take this photo in silhouette.

Asbury Hills has more marked trails now and maps are available online and onsite.

We also visited Asbury Falls but not much water there yesterday. Chris, the facilities manager, told us there is more water there when it rains. The rock formations were interesting though.  The falls trail off the main trail is only a 10 minute hike to the falls but it is pretty steep and mostly all uphill.


After the hike, we took a look at the facilities at Asbury Hills.  The public can book private retreats at their site.  Asbury Hills has a small lake for kayaking and canoeing, a zip line, archery, swimming pool and other amenities.


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