Harbison State Forest, Columbia, SC


We hiked at Harbison State Forest today with some hiking friends.


The sky above us was bright blue and the birds were singing in the trees.


We passed a pile of grey rocks…


And took a photo of some dried weeds…


We saw orange fungus living on a dead log…


And gazed upon The Broad River on its way to the ocean…


We saw light shining through the few red and yellow leaves still clinging to life long past the Fall.

Hike notes: Harbison State Forest is located just north of Columbia right off I-26 at exit 101b. Access is very easy. Take Broad River Road just a few miles down and it will be on your left.  There are sixteen miles of trails, mostly shared use with bicycles.  Parking permits are $5 per car.  Most of the hiking is easy to moderate for seasoned hikers.  We were told that it is really more of a good place to bicycle rather than to hike so we’ll think about going back for that.  On the hike we did, there were a few good places you could view the river.  We went to Harbison Bluffs towards the end of our hike but I think there would not be much of a view when the trees had leaves.  They are constructing at least one more trail that we saw by the Bluffs but we did not go down it.  Good maps are available at the parking lot.


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