Little Pinnacle Mountain, Jones Gap, SC


We started off in the fog off Persimmon Ridge Road on an old DNR road. It was damp but not too cold. We were all layered up pretty well and as the hike went on the layers served us well as it warmed up.

From this road, we made several turns on our way downhill to Oil Camp Creek to a view of Oil Camp Creek Falls.  No good picture today.  The falls is very overgrown and the light was wrong to get anything worth posting.  Just past the falls, we picked up the Pinnacle Trail and started our uphill climb.  This climb is very, very strenuous and crosses several streams trickling down the mountain. Nothing you couldn’t manage but care should be taken as the rocks are moss covered and slippery.


The sun had come out on our way up the hill and was reflecting off the trees.


Here’s one view from Little Pinnacle Mountain.  We stopped and had lunch and some of us wandered around.  The sun was in and out while we were up there and it was the cold that finally encouraged us to make our way back down the mountain.


There’s  a bog at the top of the mountain with some very rare plants growing there. A couple of us followed a slightly used trail and we stopped where it stopped so we wouldn’t destroy anything.  Also there’s a minor waterfall at the top but not worth trampling all the plants over.


We were pretty high up and close to the clouds.  Pieces of blue sky can be seen peeking through here.

The group backtracked the way we came and we ended up at our cars over by Persimmon Ridge Road.

Great day with nice people.


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