Cleveland Park and Swamp Rabbit Trail, Greenville, SC


It was a bright and sunny Sunday morning. We decided to take a little walk through Cleveland Park and headed down the Swamp Rabbit Trail towards Greenville Tech.  It was a little cool but we warmed up in the sun as we walked.


We passed by a memorial sculpture “In loving memory of Julie Valentine.”


The sun was shining brightly on the bridge railing causing it to reflect on the pavement.


A yellow sculpture on a side trail was visible from the main trail.


We saw little yellow ‘fruit’ sprinkled among the plants edging the river.


The trail and park have lots of places to sit, eat, and enjoy.


Here’s a male cardinal sitting in a patch of shrubbery. He didn’t sit still for long and flew away right after this photo was taken.


About Caroline Trinkley

I once had a friend who asked me what my passion was. I didn't have one. He said that I needed to find it. I can honestly say I've found my passion - I love to hike and explore the woods. Sometimes I think I know the woods better than the town I live in.
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