December, 2015

I always like hiking over at Isaqueena near Clemson because it is not far from Greenville, SC, has lots of options to hike, and isn’t crowded.  You do have to share the trail with bicyclists but again not crowded.  We hiked there last weekend and ended up near the dam.  The trails are pretty well marked and so as long as you have a map you should not get lost.  I also like hiking here in winter because of cooler temps and good winter views. Parking is good but keep in mind some roads are closed particularly the ones to the Isaqueena picnic areas (November 1 to March 15).

Here’s are some links to maps of the area:

Happy hiking!


We took a short hike to Isaqueena down by Clemson, SC on Saturday to go exploring.  This is part of the Clemson experimental forest.  We hiked about 6 miles on a variety of trails.


It was in the 50s but we did run into a few icy puddles.


The woods were quite bare of leaves and through the trees the blue sky shone through.


Not much by way of greenery except the ferns.  These were pretty with the sun shining on the leaves.


Lots of hiking possibilities so we are going to have to see if we can find a better map!

After posting this, I did find a link to better maps in the plural.  Here’s the link:


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