Glassy Mountain and Pickens, SC Trails

Yesterday we hiked with a group of people near Pickens, South Carolina on the Glassy Mountain Trail to a very nice view of Table Rock to the north.  The picture does not do it justice as it was hazy in the morning.


The trail itself is a very gradual up to the viewing point with some rocks and roots. You have to be careful with the footing on this trail though because it seems like it is starting to erode in places.  The day started out as overcast but the sun did come out later.  After the view, the hike starts immediately up hill to what looks like an old fire tower.


We had parked up at the top and made it a loop by walking down the road to the trailhead. Trail length is a mile.  Difficulty is moderate. There is parking at the top and on the side of the road so parking is not a problem.

We also visited the Town Creek Park trail in Pickens.  Mileage is about 2 miles there.  Actually this little hike was much better than I anticipated.  The trail by the river was scenic.  You can hear traffic noise and there are houses/trailers close by but when the leaves are on the trees you probably wouldn’t notice them much.


There are two trailheads and we started at the playground entrance.  Plenty of picnic tables and places for kids to play.


I would say this is a good starter hike for people who either just want a little stroll or want to get started and get a taste of what it’s like in the woods.

We ended up at Hagood Mill for the Celtic Christmas. They have an event every third Saturday.  Very historical and they try to keep it interesting.  The Mill has a cotton gin and a blacksmith shop.  The museum is also building a rock exhibit for their petroglyphs.  It was buzzing with people and we hung around and enjoyed the music.  I met a local moonshiner and had a pleasant conversation about why he went into that business which he said was because there were no jobs when he started and he needed to make some money back in the 1950s. He told me had never had trouble with the law but that one of his relatives had seen three leaf seasons in jail.


The short little hike at Hagood Mill is .6 of a mile. Easy. Good for people who just want a short walk.  It does come around the back side of the mill and there is a good view of the water sluice.


Total mileage for the day was about 3.5 miles. Easy to moderate.  A good set of hikes for people who aren’t quite ready for a more difficult mountain hike.  They are very close together and easy to find. Good in combination. You can get directions and more information at


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