Green River Gamelands


We hiked the Green River Gamelands near Saluda, North Carolina on Saturday with a small group and took the trail down by the river.  This hike started in the valley past the first tubing outlet on Green River Cove Road. Parking on the right looks good for at least four or five cars at least and we parked on the side of the road because the little lot was full.  It was an easy four mile in and out hike on rolling terrain. The footing was very good, not too rocky or rooty (is that a word?). Oh well.  The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm. We passed a trail called the Bluff Trail which looked like quite the up. Of course I wanted to go up it but that’s for another day.  The pleasant sound of the river below was present during the entire hike and because it is winter the woods were quite open.  Winter has its own points of interest and a trail can look entirely different in another season. Four miles is a pretty easy hike as hikes go. I much prefer a longer hike but this hike is excellent for a half day hike so you have time to do something else with the rest of your day.



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