Foothills Trail to Drawbar Cliffs


On Sunday we hiked with a small group to the top of Drawbar Cliffs and back to Sassafrass Mountain in South Carolina (its highest peak). Drawbar Cliffs is about a quarter of a mile from the end of the Foothills Trail (my guesstimate). When you get close you will hit a huge boulder field and the trail will turn left and start up the side of the mountain. Keep a lookout on your left and you will see an opening in the trees with a rock face.  This is it. Good parking at the top of Sassafrass Mountain and a great overlook to the West when the weather is good.  Unfortunately for us it was cloudy and misty for most of the day so we had no view when we got there.


The hike itself is excellent.  It’s a down all the way to Drawbar.  Of course that makes it an up on the way back which none of us had really noticed until we turned around.  Hike is probably about 9 miles or a little more.  Great views at both ends on a good day and I highly recommend this hike.


I’m not sure if you can see the drops of mist on this pine but it was there in the morning and afternoon on our way back to the top of Sassafrass Mountain. Even in the mist it was still a great day for hiking.


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