Jones Gap Trail


Today we hiked Jones Gap Trail which I remembered as a lot flatter (which it was not). Not a lot of elevation gain but I did get the rockiness right.  Lots of rocks in the first half mile made the footing more difficult.  We hiked with a large group to Jones Gap Falls and then went down the trail another mile or so, had lunch, did another half mile on this trail and then turned around and headed back to the Ranger Station.  Hike was about 6 miles, sunny and about 65 degrees. Not bad for December 2.DSCN2887


About Caroline Trinkley

I once had a friend who asked me what my passion was. I didn't have one. He said that I needed to find it. I can honestly say I've found my passion - I love to hike and explore the woods. Sometimes I think I know the woods better than the town I live in.
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