Naturaland Trust Trail and Moonshine Falls

Yesterday was a beautiful day in South Carolina.  We hiked to Moonshine Falls via the Raven Cliff Falls parking lot and did a loop with a shuttle in between.  The end of the hike was the Ranger Station at Caesars Head.  We hiked to the Raven Cliff Falls viewing platform and from there headed down the Dismal Trail to the valley below. The Naturaland Trust Trail is pretty rugged and has quite a big up once you pass the Moonshine Falls turnoff.  The trail down to Moonshine Falls is pretty easy until you get right up to the falls and then it is a short, steep down. This part of the hike is not on the map.  This hike took us about 6 to 7 hours as we had a few slower hikers with us but a stronger hiker could do it more quickly.  It is well marked and easy to follow.  We used the map we bought at the Caesars Head Ranger Station for a couple dollars.  It is adequate for this hike.  Mileage about 10 if you stay on the trails and off the road.Image


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    Last Sunday we hiked to Moonshine Falls on the Naturaland Trust Trail. You can no longer reach it via the Dismal Trail because of landslide damage on that trail. You can reach it by hiking from the Ranger Station at the top of Ceasar’s head and working your way down to the Naturaland Trust Trail below. Mileage is somewhat less that 8 miles and I would rate this hike very strenuous. The trail is very technical with lots of rocks, roots, and a few rock strewn streams to cross over. As of Sunday, the trail to Moonshine Falls was marked with a big cairn of rocks and goes off to your left. You will reach another smaller cairn of rocks off what appears to be an old forest road which takes you downhill to your right. These are not official trails so take great care here. Once you make the turn to Moonshine Falls, you will quickly reach the trail to the overhang underneath it to your left.

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